View: Why the three laws were needed for new age crimes

Published on Dec 22, 2023 10:32 AM IST

Union home minister Amit Shah secured Parliament's approval for new bills replacing IPC, CrPC, and Evidence Act, aligning with contemporary challenges.

Union home minister Amit Shah.

Trans rights: Can free education replace the demand for quota?

The difference between what the government wants to do — offer welfare measures — and what the community has sought — reservation — is wide and deep

Transgender persons are not a homogenous category, and, like everyone else, have multiple identities based on caste, race, religion, and ethnicity. (Samir Jana/HT PHOTO)
Updated on Dec 20, 2023 07:18 PM IST

Why Aatmanirbhar Bharat is required in strategic thinking besides manufacturing

The heavy reliance on Western war models and phraseology of US-UK-based think tanks has stunted Indian strategic growth.

PM Narendra Modi inaugurating the Chhatrapati Shivaji statue at Rajkot on December 4, 2023
Published on Dec 17, 2023 12:21 PM IST

Number Theory: What November's headline inflation figures don't show

WPI inflation, which measures changes in producer prices, was 0.26% in November compared to a deflation of 0.52% in October

Inflation numbers for November released this week show WPI and CPI inflation rates at 0.26% and 5.55% respectively
Updated on Dec 15, 2023 11:26 AM IST

Number Theory: Caste composition of CMs after elections in 5 states

Even a cursory reading of the castes of its new chief ministers shows that the BJP has taken care to assemble a diverse caste coalition – with an eye on 2024

Representative Photo
Updated on Dec 14, 2023 09:01 AM IST

Number Theory: Second warmest start to winter since 1951

State-wise averages of minimum temperatures show that of the 30 states and UTs, only J&K and Ladakh have experienced a cooler than normal start to winter

People are going to their work amid cold and smoggy weather at South-West Delhi near Samalkha Chowk(HT File Photo/Parveen Kumar)
Updated on Dec 13, 2023 12:59 PM IST

What data tells us of police accountability — and what it doesn’t

The NCRB recorded 75 custodial deaths in 2022. Beyond these numbers lie nearly two decades of inaction by many states in setting up Police Complaint Authorities

The NCRB numbers do not present the full picture of police misconduct across India (Deepak Gupta)
Published on Dec 05, 2023 07:08 PM IST

View: Why BJP is a formidable challenge for Opposition in 2024

While PM Narendra Modi has sounded the bugle for 2024 General Elections, his “Man Friday” Amit Shah is already on the job.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP leaders Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and JP Nadda.
Published on Dec 04, 2023 11:41 AM IST

View: BJP's win in Chhattisgarh is bad news for Naxals

In Maoist-affected tribal Bastar, the BJP made a strong comeback winning nine out of a total of 12 seats.

PM Narendra Modi campaigning in Chhattisgarh
Published on Dec 03, 2023 06:30 PM IST

Number Theory: Economic diversity and its role in Rajasthan polls

Campaigning for the Rajasthan elections scheduled for November 25 has ended

HT Image
Updated on Nov 24, 2023 12:29 PM IST

Caste Survey | In Bihar, an arithmetic of caste and politics of numbers

The alarming incidence of poverty makes social and economic justice inseparable. Social justice is in need of reinvention, and this is its moment

Enumerator staff marks a house during the first phase of caste-based census in Bihar state at Chhajjubagh in Patna (Santosh Kumar/HT)
Published on Nov 17, 2023 07:41 PM IST

Cause and Effect | As global temperatures soar, urgent climate action is needed

A Climate Central report reveals that countries contributing the least to emissions are the hardest hit, emphasising the urgent need for global climate action.

At 1.3°C above pre-industrial climate November 2022-October 2023 was likely the hottest 12-month period in around 125,000 years. (CREDIT: AP )
Published on Nov 17, 2023 09:13 AM IST
ByTannu Jain

Why repatriation of Afghans from Pakistan has no historical basis

While Pakistan has decided to push refugees into Afghanistan, the move is going to rebound on Islamabad as it will open historical wound of Durand Line.

Pak-Afghan flags at Spin Boldak crossing near Quetta.
Published on Nov 12, 2023 09:54 AM IST
By, New Delhi

Number Theory: Should Delhi’s pollution spike surprise us?

Delhi’s pollution levels, as measured by the average Air Quality Index (AQI) hit the “severe” threshold on Saturday at 468.

HT Image
Updated on Nov 04, 2023 10:30 AM IST

Muizzu's ‘Out India’ campaign in Maldives a political slogan devoid of reality

Maldives president-elect Muizzu's claim of Indian troops in the Maldives is baseless. There are no troops; only Indian humanitarian assets.

Maldives' President-elect of the Maldives' Mohamed Muizzu (R) of the People's National Congress (PNC) party.(AFP)
Published on Nov 03, 2023 07:26 PM IST

Poll strategy | The key strategists of all parties in Mizoram

The fight for the 40 assembly seats in Mizoram may seem like one between two regional parties, the MNF and the ZPM. However, the Congress and the BJP have

A polling official marks a voter with indelible ink (AFP File Photo)
Published on Nov 03, 2023 07:18 PM IST

View: Why intelligence and counter-terror agencies need to be on high alert

Afghanistan is back in ferment. Horrible images of 7/10 attacks and collateral casualties of Israeli retaliation could trigger terror attack anywhere in world.

People gather and light candles to show solidarity with Israel and remember the victims following an attack by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, at Dizengoff square in Tel Aviv, Israel.(Reuters)
Updated on Nov 01, 2023 12:17 PM IST

How Indian aircraft and helicopters helped Maldives in disaster & medical relief

President elect Mohamed Muizzu should reconsider his political decision on Indian troop removal as disaster and medical relief in Maldives will be hit.

The Indian aircraft (ALHs and Dornier) have been at the forefront of capacity building efforts in the Maldives, contributing significantly to maritime security, surveillance, and operational efficiency
Updated on Oct 31, 2023 12:38 PM IST

Understanding Iran's game: Wants to destroy Israel, considers US ‘Big Satan’

American F-16 jets strike Iranian proxies in Syria in retaliation for attacks on US bases.

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.(AP)
Published on Oct 27, 2023 08:29 PM IST

How to help the police police itself

The Police Complaints Authorities are overwhelmed, overworked, and relegated to making recommendations. Let's look at the data analysed for the first time

Even with their limited mandate, the Police Complaints Authorities are struggling to cope with the caseload. (REPRESENTATIVE PIC)
Published on Oct 21, 2023 09:30 AM IST

Can we apply the research of the Nobel winner in Economics to India?

Here's where Claudia Goldin's arguments stand in a country like ours where home-based work is substantial

Nobel laureate Claudia Goldin(X/@NobelPrize)
Published on Oct 21, 2023 09:21 AM IST

All you need to know about UGC draft norms that make internships mandatory

Internships are important as they will help in improving employability skills, generating competency, and professional working skills, the draft guidelines said

UGC's draft guidelines recommend mandatory internships for undergraduate (UG) students with an aim to improve their employability and help them understand the importance of research while, simultaneously, earning credits from them.(HT file)
Updated on Oct 17, 2023 05:08 PM IST

Newborn deaths in Nanded are part of a pattern

…And linked to three national policy decisions. However, as with previous instances, while punishment has been given, the root cause is yet to be dealt with

 The real cause of newborn deaths in the Nanded hospital — overcrowding — is yet to be addressed
Published on Oct 11, 2023 04:26 PM IST

An ‘econ’ class by the finance minister

Nirmala Sitharaman said the Centre has followed a Nobel prize-winning economist’s ‘nudge theory’ in its policies to great effect. What does that involve?

Last week, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman brought up Richard Thaler’s nudge theory while speaking about the economic policies of the government (PTI)
Published on Oct 10, 2023 01:17 PM IST

View: Hamas brutal attack on Israel will spur new cycle of violence & extremism

The political instability in Israel is equally to be blamed as “kichidi” politics made the country vulnerable and intelligence dropped the ball.

Israeli counter attack, in Gaza after 10/7 massacre
Updated on Oct 08, 2023 11:36 AM IST

Why US needs to distance itself from Trudeau’s wild allegation on Nijjar killing

India and US are finally working together on global issues after burying the ghost of USS Enterprise.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Right) and US President Joseph Biden.
Published on Oct 07, 2023 09:48 AM IST

What is a unified command and why does Manipur need it?

Since ethnic violence broke out in May, multiple agencies were tasked to restore normalcy in a tinder-box situation. A nodal coordination group is vital

In this photo taken on September 28, 2023, security personnel fire tear gas as miscreants protest near the family home of chief minister N Biren Singh, in Imphal in India's northeastern state of Manipur, amid ongoing ethnic violence. (AFP)
Updated on Oct 04, 2023 08:47 PM IST

View: India-Canada ties could worsen before they get better

Justin Trudeau’s unsubstantiated allegation against India over Nijjar’s killing has created a mess of bilateral relations. The ball is now in Canada’s court.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at G-20 summit.
Published on Oct 04, 2023 10:40 AM IST

The importance of social norms in determining women’s employment

Data from the economic census shows a huge variation in share of women employed per 100 hired workers not just among but also within states

Declining women’s workforce participation has loomed large for the Indian economy for several years now
Updated on Sep 30, 2023 06:13 PM IST

View: Ripudaman Malik’s murder conspiracy has answers to Nijjar’s killing

The Ontario Gurudwara Committee and the BC Gurudwara council have called a meeting in Surrey tomorrow on Confronting Indian Foreign Interference.

(From left) Ripudaman Malik, Justin Trudeau and Hardeep Singh Nijjar.
Updated on Sep 29, 2023 01:02 PM IST
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