NASA's Curiosity Rover records never-seen-before timelapse of a day on Mars

ByTrisha Sengupta
Jan 03, 2024 02:15 PM IST

NASA's Curiosity Rover captured the incredible sight a few months ago during a downtime. The timelapse shows the rocky and sandy surroundings of Mars.

NASA's Curiosity Rover, which is exploring the Martian surface, had some downtime a few months ago. During the period, the robot filmed a stunning video of a Martian Day. It captured how dusk to dawn looks on the Earth’s neighbouring planet, Mars.

The image shows a glimpse of a day on Mars, captured by NASA's Curiosity Rover. (YouTube/@ JPLraw)
The image shows a glimpse of a day on Mars, captured by NASA's Curiosity Rover. (YouTube/@ JPLraw)

The space agency took to one of their YouTube channels to share the video. “While stationary for two weeks during Mars solar conjunction in November 2023, NASA’s Curiosity rover used its front and rear black-and-white Hazcams to capture 12 hours of a Martian day. The rover’s shadow is visible on the surface in these images taken by the front Hazcam,” they added.

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The video, titled “Curiosity 12-hour View of Mars”, shows a time-lapse of a Martian day. It captures the surroundings of rocky and sandy surfaces, with hills visible in the distance.

Take a look at this video of Mars:

The clip also made its way onto X after being shared on the official handle dedicated to the Curiosity Rover. It was shared with a caption that reads, “Hey look – I’m a sundial! Ok, not exactly, but I did get a sol to enjoy my surroundings. During solar conjunction, I used my hazard cameras to study the Martian weather and dust. As this Earth year comes to an end, I hope you’ll take the time to soak in what’s around you.”

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What is a sol?

According to NASA, a Martian day is referred to as a sol, with a mean period of 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35.244 seconds. A sol (solar day) on the Red Planet is approximately 40 minutes longer than an Earth day.

How did netizens react?

The video on X received several comments from people. Just like this individual who wrote, “Wow what an amazing place.” Another added, “The magic of our worlds!” A third posted, “Observing the Martian weather and dust during solar conjunction offers valuable insights into the dynamics of the Red Planet.” A fourth joined, “Beautiful snapshot of the Martian weather and dust! It's important to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.” A fifth wrote, “Outstanding.”

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