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Media Moves

“The Dumb Money Is Gone”: Is the Podcast Boom Going Bust?

Fewer acquisitions, smaller budgets, diminished dealmaking—but it’s not all bad! “There’s been no recession among listeners,” says one audio guru. “There’s still more room to grow.”

Donald Trump To Make Remarks at Mar-A-Lago After Tuesday’s Expected Arrest in Manhattan

The ex-president’s lawyer Joe Tacopina said on Sunday that he hopes the arraignment is “painless and classy.”
Arrested Reporter

Secretary of State Blinken Says Detention of WSJ journalist Evan Gershkovich Is “Unacceptable”

President Biden also demanded release of journalist from Russian custody on Saturday: “let him go.”
He's Running

Ex-Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Throws Hat Into The Ring As GOP Presidential Nominee

The latest Republican candidate to vie for the White House thinks Trump's indictment is “too much of a sideshow and distraction.”
Indictment Aftermath

Trump Campaign Raises More Than $4 Million Since Indictment

The former president’s plan to energize his loyal MAGA base seems to be paying off.
Levin Report

Report: Trump Was Basically One Step Away From Throwing a “No Indictment” Party

The ex-president apparently believed he was in the clear.

Fox News Pundits Are on the Verge of Tears Over Trump’s Indictment

The network has leapt back to the former president’s defense as the Manhattan DA prepares what’s expected to be a 30-plus-count criminal indictment, with commentators calling on Trump’s supporters to protest.

Donald Trump Jr. Likens His Father’s Indictment to the Murder of Tens of Millions of People

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene has said she will travel to New York next week to protest the supposed injustice in person.

Republicans Rush to Trump's Side After Indictment, Pledge to Make Alvin Bragg's Life Hell

Ron DeSantis has declared Florida a sanctuary state for Trump. Meanwhile, House Republicans are threatening a full-fledged investigation into the Manhattan DA who is bringing forward charges against the ex-president.

Grand Jury Votes to Indict Trump: Ex-President’s Odds of Prison Time Just Shot Up

The Manhattan DA’s office has contacted Trump’s attorneys “to coordinate his surrender.”
Florida Man

Ron DeSantis F--ked With Disney, and Disney F--ked Back

An eleventh hour move has left the governing board he appointed basically powerless. 
Levin Report

Report: Ivanka Trump “Loves Her Dad” but Is Keeping “Her Distance” Because Hush Money Is Bad for Her Brand

The former first daughter “wants a new life to compensate for what she lost” by working for her father.

Arizona Democrats Are Suing to Stop a Third-Party Spoiler in 2024 Races

The state's Democratic Party is arguing that No Labels—a centrist group aiming to put forth an independent nominee—hasn't met the requirements to be recognized as an official political party.

Wall Street Journal Reporter Arrested in Russia, Accused of Espionage

Evan Gershkovich is the first US journalist to be detained in Russia on spying accusations since the Cold War. Meanwhile, the Journal has denied the accusations and called for his immediate release. 
Play Ball!

“Baseball Is Just Beautiful”: Pedro Martinez on MLB’s New Era, and Why the Sport Is More than Math

Fresh off an exhilarating World Baseball Classic, and with Opening Day now here, the sport’s most compelling commentator weighs in on the new pitch clock (he loves it), analytics (not so much), the Astros cheating scandal (“People need to move on”), and eternal Hall of Fame debates (let Pete Rose in!).   
Levin Report

Trump Is One Day Away From Sending the Grand Jury Deciding His Fate Expensive Wine and Chocolates

Feels like he’ll call them the most beautiful jurors he’s ever seen too. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Unrepentant Bigot, Can’t Understand Why Her Twitter Account Was Restricted

The suspension came amid the lawmaker’s anti-trans tirade following Monday’s school shooting in Tennessee.

Chris Christie Is Back—And He Apparently Thinks He Can Be Trump’s Worst Nightmare

As GOP donors cast around for an alternative to Trump, the former New Jersey governor says he is “actively considering” running for president, and has been making the rounds billing himself as the only guy who can stand up to the former president.

Fox News' Attempts to Keep Rupert Murdoch Off the Stand Don't Seem to Be Convincing the Judge

The judge told Fox News's lawyers to not make him “look like an idiot,” citing Murdoch's recent engagement and travel plans, as Fox tries to keep the executive off Dominion Voting Systems' witness list. Dominion is also looking to call Fox stars Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham to the stand. 
Climate Change

Is Biden Selling Out On His Climate Promise?

The president made a campaign vow to end drilling on federal land, “period.” And yet, he can't seem to stop auctioning off millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico.

Big Tech Companies Are Testing How Far They Can Slash Staff 

Even as Elon Musk has upended Twitter, the site, with thousands-fewer employees, is still functioning. Meta, Google, and Amazon are operating with dramatically scaled-back workforces. With AI on the rise, the industry may not be getting these jobs back.