Sharon Stone Says Her First Oscars Look Was “Awful”

The actor revealed that she styled herself for the big night and regrets it.
Sharon Stone Says Her First Oscars Look Was “Awful”
by Jim Smeal/Getty Images

Sharon Stone regrets her first Oscars look, but admits it was also “the best [she] could do” at the time.

The actor styled herself for her first walk down the Academy Awards red carpet in 1992 and still regrets it. On Tuesday's episode of the Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast, Stone explained that even though *Basic Instinct—*the movie that made her a household name—had only been out for a few days at the time, she'd been asked to present at the award show. And because of her lack of name recognition at the time, “No one would lend me a dress,” she said. “All these people in their $40,000 or $50,000 dresses and I went and bought a Betsey Johnson polyester jumpsuit, because that was the best I could do.” She added, “I’m doing my own hair and makeup and I was just like, ‘Wow, this is awful. Like, how am I going to do this, right?'”

But Stone said that her nerves began to ease once she arrived at the actual ceremony. She said that she was seated close to the stage and started to realize that some of her fellow actors had seen her movie and were fans of her performance, including Anthony Hopkins. The actor recalled, “When I walked by, he put his hands together and put them over his head like a champion and held them up to me when I passed him. I was like, ‘Oh my God, he saw my movie.”

And even though her first Oscars appearance may not be her favorite, the Casino star went on to wear some looks that are now a part of Academy fashion history. Just four years later in 1996, Stone attended the award show again, this time wearing a black Gap t-shirt layered underneath an Armani tuxedo dress she already owned. Unlike her first time on the red carpet when no one would dress her, this time, the actor's custom pink Vera Wang gown actually got destroyed the day before the show. Stone explained the situation on an episode of Naomi Campbell's 2020 YouTube series “No Filter with Naomi,” telling the supermodel, “It came and the FedEx guy dropped it out of the back of his truck and backed up over it. The box broke open, and the dress had a black tire track down the whole front. The day before the Oscars.” Two years later, she once again opted for that high-low pairing at the Oscars, wearing an unbuttoned white top by the Gap tucked into a purple Vera Wang skirt.