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How Alan Menken, Disney’s Most Prolific Composer, Inspired a Generation of Songwriters 

The man behind some of Disney’s most memorable scores and songs reflects on his influence in film, musical theater, and beyond. 
Prima Facie

“It’s Weird”: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Handsome Attorney James Egan on Comic Book Hero Comparisons

“I’m going to see my one-year-old son,” is just the type of thing a superhero in disguise would say!

Meghan Markle Scores a Legal Victory Against Her Half Sister Samantha

This week, a judge in Florida dismissed a lawsuit Samantha filed over the book Finding Freedom and statements Meghan made to Oprah in March 2021.
On the Scene

The Whiting Awards Bring Together 10 Literary Up-and-Comers for Optimistic Celebration

On Wednesday, the Whiting Foundation honored 10 promising writers, awarding each $50,000 in prize money, in a thoughtful ceremony.

Requiem for the Twitter Blue Check

The end of the legacy verified badge—and with it, the end of a particular era of social media—may finally arrive this weekend. Will we miss it? 

Queen Consort Camilla Pays Tribute to Her German Hosts with a Brooch During First Overseas Trip of New Reign

The royal chose a piece of jewelry that was a wedding gift to Queen Victoria from her husband-to-be, the German-born Prince Albert.

Why Prince Harry Made Surprise Appearances in a London Courtroom

Though the royal had no plans to visit his family during an unannounced trip to the UK, his appearance emphasized his continuing concerns about the practices of England’s media. 
In Memoriam

Russell Crowe Shares Sad News That 16-Month-Old Dog Louis “Died in My Arms”

The actor revealed that his pet died after being hit by a truck on the second anniversary of his father's death.
Real Estate

Jennifer Aniston Shares “Wild and Wonderful” Memories of Hanging Out at Cher's House as a Teenager

The Friends star explained that she was in the same friend group as Chaz Bono in high school.
Well, Then

Tamar Adler Powers Through Tennis Class and a Mountain of Homemade Breadcrumbs

In the spirit of her latest book, An Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A–Z, the author brings good-natured ingenuity to the less-than-perfect in this wellness diary.

Nothing Is Forever: How Fashion’s Creative Director Exodus Will Shape the Industry

In today’s ever-changing fashion landscape, what makes a great creative director, and is it possible for any one person to meet all the expectations of a legendary house? 
Wedding Bells

Lana Del Rey Is Reportedly Engaged to Music Manager Evan Winiker

The pair have been spotted out together multiple times over the past six months.
Baby on Board

Jonah Hill and Girlfriend Olivia Millar Are Expecting Their First Baby

Millar was photographed out in Santa Monica with what appears to be a baby bump and an engagement ring.
Trial of the Century

The Best Show on Television Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski Accident Trial

It’s part wish fulfillment, part good TV watching the actor and entrepreneur defend her privilege in the court of law. 

Jason Ritter Recalls Struggle with Alcoholism Before Marrying Melanie Lynskey

The actor said he knew Lynskey was the one early on, but that it would take "working on myself enough to feel like maybe I can be the one for her, too."
From the Magazine

Alton Mason Walks the Walk

The five-time consecutive Model of the Year talks working with Virgil Abloh and Baz Luhrmann, studying Naomi Campbell’s strut, and living in the present.

Ali Wong's Ex-Husband Still Has “Ultimate Veto Power” Over All Her Jokes

The comedian explained, “When we said that we were lovingly co-parenting and focusing on the kids, we really meant it.”

Jodie Turner-Smith Reflects on Getting “Secretly” Married to Joshua Jackson and Motherhood

The actor said she is “obstinate about the fact” that she can “have it all.”