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The Cast of 'Yellowjackets' React to Fan Theories

The cast of 'Yellowjackets' react to fan theories swirling around season two of the hit Showtime series.

Released on 03/28/2023


It's all Misty's dream.

Bum bum bum! [laughs]

Hi, we're the cast of Yellowjackets

and we're gonna discuss some fan theories

for Yellowjackets Season Two for Vanity Fair.

Warning, there may be some spoilers ahead.

[clears throat] Here we go!

From @MissWandaVision15...

[Crew Member] Sorry, could you flip the iPad?

Oh yeah, I can.

I'm dyslexic.

So, I want to formally apologize for my theory

that Misty was being attacked by Shauna.

I don't know if it could still happen,

but it appears

like it will be Lottie getting attacked

and Misty will be watching,

but maybe tries to break it up or something.

And that's how her glasses break.

From the trailer.

Are you gonna come save me?

[group laughs]

Would Misty save Lottie?

If it benefits her. [laughs]

If Misty's glasses break...

Lottie has a lot to give.

Yeah, that is true.

That is true.

I think you're onto something.

I worry about Misty's glasses all the time

because it's like literally,

what are you going to do

if something happens to them?

Somebody needs to, so thank you.

We'll make you a cane.

There's enough...

A cane!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, thank you!

We'll be your eyes.

Thanks guys, thanks.

From @NewsFromHome,

Conspiracy theory,

there's a third timeline in Yellowjackets

and it is Shauna's brief, but never mentioned again,

music career at 27, where she's played

by Lucy Dacus.

Can confirm. Can confirm.

Is she nice in real life?

Yeah, oh yeah, you guys haven't...

I mean, you're the only one that's met her!

Yeah, yeah, she did her music video for Night Shift.

For Night Shift!

Did you guys watch it yet?

No, sorry.

I will.


It's so cool.

Liv, you've seen it.

[Liv] You showed me in your trailer.

I showed them in my trailer.

This is from @RawrmyJK,

This is either Javi or Shauna's baby, kay?


I'm saying it right here, right now.

Shauna's baby lives

doing what his/her mom said

while it's being conceived.

Oh, and the antler queen

when revealed,

is a guy, most likely Shauna's baby.

Much to unpack here.

Lots to unpack here.

Much to think about.



Antler King.

I mean, I've thought about that at certain points.

I have.

I've like, you know, you just never know.

There's too much cool female killer energy for it being...

[Sammi laughs]

You never know what Ben Scott is...

Antler queen is a gender-neutral term,

it's a democratically-elected position.

We take turns.

It will be everybody's turn.

I do think it will be a thing that will get passed around.

Thanks for the theories.

Y'all were spot on.

Some of you guys are wild,

but we love it.

Thank you so much for watching

and I hope that all of your theories

come to fruition.