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'Shadow and Bone' Cast Test How Well They Know Each Other

The cast of 'Shadow and Bone' test who knows one another best in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show. Ben Barnes, Amita Suman, Jessie Mei Li, Kit Young and Freddy Carter spent ample time filming together but how much do they really know about each other? Season 2 of Shadow and Bone is currently available to stream, exclusively on Netflix. Director: Funmi Sunmonu Director of Photography: AJ Young Editor: Michael Suyeda Talent: Cast of Shadow & Bone: Ben Barnes, Jessie Mei Li, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young Producer: Ashley Hall Line Producer: Jen Santos Associate Producer: Emebeit Beyene Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi Production & Equipment Manager: Kevin Balash Talent Manager: Mica Medoff Camera Operator: Sam Chatterjee Audio: Paul Cornett Production Assistant(s): Gee Depratt, Marquis Wooten Post Production Supervisor: Edward Taylor Post Production Coordinator: James Jovan Supervising Editor: Kameron Key Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

Released on 03/23/2023


What is my love language?

Absolutely physical touch.

[Freddy And Amita] Absolutely physical touch.

You can't stop yourself as soon as we arrive in,

in the restaurant you're grabbing everyone's face.

Yeah, yeah. You're very tactile.

[upbeat music]

Hi, I'm Ben Barnes.

I'm Amita Suman.

I'm Jessie Mei Li.

I'm Kit Young.

And I'm Freddy Carter.

And we are the cast of Shadow and Bone.

And we are going to find out how well we know each other.

I feel very official with my-

[Amita] Big notes.

Vanity Fair notes.

What is my idea of the perfect night out?


[group laughs]

Hosting a little dinner

and we are all out like at a sociable time.

Yeah. A lovely swanky dinner.

Little bit of music.

Yeah, a movie is involved.

Ooh, that's a very good one.

Outdoor drive in cinema.


Popcorn, hot chocolate.

Maybe a movie that he's in.

Great hair.

[group of people laughing]

It's the big wedding.

All right, Ben.

Go on Ben, what is it?

I wrote Italian dinner with friends and music.

[bell dings]

Ooh kinda.

That was basically it.

You said music.

Do you mean friends, the show or friends?

No, I meant you lot.

[group of people making awe noises]

And my real friends as well.

[group of people laughing]

What age did I start working in a bar?


I was gonna say fifteen.

What year is this?

Are you allowed?

Nineteen hundred.

[group of people laughing]

It wasn't a bar, it was a tavern. The inn.

You said fourteen. I'm gonna say fifteen.


I'm gonna take a wild guess and say thirteen.

One of you is, is correct.

And whom is it?

Jessie Mei Li.

[bell dings]

What age age did you say?


Can't work in a bar when you're thirteen.

Well, that's what I was thinking.

You could be mopping the floors or working the chimney.

Chimney sweep.

For an extra point.


Actually, it's not a question.

An extra factoid.

[group of people laughing] [Kit] Yes.

For my first ever girlfriend.

[Kit] Yeah.

My boss.

[group of people making wow sounds]

Juicy goss, isn't it?

[all laughs]

Juicy goss. What a scoop.

Juicy goss.


You heard it.

You heard it here first.

If I could do a duet with any musician, living or dead,

Who would it be?

I'll write down a few answers

so we have a chance at getting some.

Living or dead.

I'm gonna say Freddie Mercury or Ray Charles.

I was gonna say that.

I was gonna say one of those too.

I was going to say that maybe I would add Donnie Hathaway.


Exactly, correct.


[all clapping]

So good.

What is my love language?



Refined partners.

That's actually quite difficult.

Actually. I'm gonna put two, hang on.

You can't put two.

Oh no, do one. Do one.

What are they again?

Physical touch.

Words of affirmation.

Quality time, gifts.


Acts of service.

That's the one.

Absolutely, physical touch.

Absolutely physical touch.

You can't stop yourself as soon as we arrive in,

in the restaurant.

You're grabbing everyone's face.

Yeah yeah.

You're very tactile.

I would also say quality time.



I would say gifts.

He's never given me a gift.

I've got physical touch and words of affirmation.

[bell dings]

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Physical touch.

I'm big on sharing feelings.

Yeah. No, you are.

Gold medals and Jaffa cakes for everyone.

Jaffa cake.

Jaffa cakes.

Okay, so how long did it take me to learn acrobatics?


Twenty minutes.


It takes three weeks.

I'm gonna say three sessions.

Let's change the question.

How long, how many sessions

did it take me to learn acrobatics?

Guess was three sessions.

[group of people laughing]

Is the answer three sessions?

I'm gonna say three sessions.

Three sessions.


Final answer?

Yeah, final answer.

It was actually four sessions.

[overlapping chatter]


If I were an animal, what kind of animal would I be?

Either a hare, or a rabbit, or a bunny.

[group of people laughing]

We have to bring that up again.

It's just true.

I'm gonna say a little pink bunny.

But I think she was harrowed

by when we talked about that before.

So I, I think she's gonna have written some kind of feline.


She's gonna go for like a little puppy dog.

A lynx.

Ooh, a lynx.

A lynx, I mean, that would be a good one, but no.

You all pick tiny little things.

I would be an elephant.

[negative beep]


I love elephants.


Where is my favorite place to vacation?

I wanna say, I wanna say, I wanna say like home.


More like tucked up cozy at home.

Actually, I do know where it is.

Your own bed.

A place that I know that you vacationed most recently

but on your own is New York.

Yeah. That was amazing to be honest.

What is it?

That's so boring.

It's my room.

My room? [bell rings]

How did I not get that, I said bed?

So many quiets, so many quiets.


Are you ready?

[Kit] Yes.

[exciting game show music]

Have any of you been on my Wikipedia page?

What or who is my favorite subject to photograph?

My wife.

[group of people laughing]

I would say it's a person in a moment

rather than a specific person.

[group of people making ooh sounds]

I was gonna say friends and friends and loved ones,

particularly with the sky as a backdrop.

I agree with those,

but I think you, you capture also very kind of

like complex images where you are also like

with you using mirrors and stuff where you have

you're capturing the camera as well.

And there's frames within frames.

Frames within frames within frames within frames.


[group of people laughing]

You're all right people.

[group of people cheering and clapping]

[bell dings]

If I could steal anything

in the world without consequence, what would I steal?

The hearts of the nation.

The hearts of the nation.

[Amita laughs]

I want to write it down because

your answers are always so good.

I just wanna write the hearts of the nation.

He's writing, he's writing.

Steal precious moments.

Just one little kiss with Ben Bands.



He wouldn't have to steal it.

He can just have it.

He could just have it.

It's actually quite simple.

Yeah. Go on then.

All the money.

[negative buzzer]

All the money.

All the money.

All the money.

What superhero movie was I in?

Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, yes.


As a soldier.

Was it Wonder Woman?

I just, I've seen it so many times

and still haven't seen you in there.

Yes. My poor mum has watched it so many times

trying to spot me, but I can't even spot myself in it.

So it is Wonder Woman, I'll put sort of.

[bell dings]

I'll put sort of.

If I could only eat one meal

for the rest of my life, what would it be?


[group of people laughing]

Generally brunch.

Miscellaneous brunch.

[group of people laughing]

I would say, I would definitively say pasta brackets.

A croissant.


I would say something to do with chicken and arugula.





A chicken arugula.

You forfeit this one.

It's actually peanut butter on toast.

[negative buzzer and annoyed noises]

No on toast.

If I can only eat one thing for the rest of my life.

Yeah. If you could only have one.

I couldn't give it up.

Turns out you sort of know me.


[Kit and Jessie clap]


Kit, into the hot seat.

Oh, you're matching with the chair!

He's going to be floating!

[group of people laughing]

Oh my god, how did you do that?


Yeah, exactly. That's very impressive.

Okay, first question for Vanity Fair.


What is my go-to karaoke song?

You did do a very good Uptown Funk with Alistair.

Yeah, that was very good.

You all seemed superstitious that night.

Oh yes.

Yeah, it would definitely be some Stevie.

Some sort of Stevie.


Close, but my

I know you're go-to for dank.

I know your go-to dance, right?

That's not the question.


It could be later in the pile though.

We'll find out.

It is ordinary people.

No. [buzzer]

John Legend.

The legend that is John.

The legend that is John.

Funny enough, I was

in a supermarket the other day and this lady stopped me.

I was buying flowers and the person who was

like putting all the flowers together, she was like

has anyone told you you look like John Legend.

And I was like, no, they haven't.

[Jessie laughs]

But thank you.

But she had.

She had, she had.

It was very lovely.

I was flattered.

If I were a dessert.

[Ben] Oh.

What would it be?

Ice cream?

Yeah, ice cream.

I think perhaps a Bananas Flambe.

Ice cream is correct.

[bell dings]

Ice cream.

For a bonus point.

What flavor would I be?

Is it strawberry?


It's strawberry.

I knew it was strawberry.

It is.

And look at me now.


Kit has come dressed as his favorite dessert.

[people laughing]

As the memo I know what the theme is.

I came as a scoop of delicious strawberry ice cream.

What has been my favorite scene to shoot?

Let's go with season one

in case people haven't yet seen all of season two.

One of my favorite moments

of the entire season was when you see Elena escaping

in the cart, you're just so joyous and sardonic

in that scene.

I think it might be your first scene.

My first scene in the casino.

Or the scene with Simon.

The scene with Simon.

Oh, in the laundry and all of that stuff.


I'm gonna go for our walk and talk through Kethstown.

That was important for me because that was our chemistry

read together.

So that was a great bit of closure.

But in terms of the pure chaos factor and the fact

that I still have a vulnerable temple from where it hit me

in the head.


[Jessie] Goat.


The goat shoot out.

We had a mental time.

Is that three days of us in that box?


And we all lost our minds.

And those are my questions.

Jessie, you're up.

I'm up.

You get bonus points if you know what the second one is.

What do my parents call me?


[laughs] I'm joking.




Does your dad call you the sun summoner?


Very good.

My mother calls me Jason.

My dad calls me Jums.

Jums. [bell rings]


I did know this and I didn't retain it.


What type of influencer would I be?


Oh, I know. An environmental influencer.

[bell dings]

Yeah. I didn't need to write it down.

You're right, environmentalist.

What play did I make my stage debut in?

All About Eve.

With Lee James.

Yes, with Lee James.

That is right.

All About Eve.

[bell dings]

Guys you did very well.






Well thank you so much for watching.

You know what?

I think we all know each other.

I think we know you best, but I think

I think Kit got the most right.



Alright, yeah.

Well, we're all winners here.

We're all winners.

Thanks for having us, Vanity Fair.

Thank you so much.


[closing music]

Starring: Freddy Carter, Kit Young, Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Amita Suman