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Who is your Broadway idol? | Vanity Fair Theater Portfolio

The stars of Vanity Fair's Theater Portfolio share their biggest Broadway idols.

Released on 03/27/2023


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Jonathan Gruff and Lindsay Mendez.

If I could have an ounce of the emotional availability

that Jonathan does

and the talent and precision

that Lindsay does,

I'd be a very, very happy man.

My forever and always Broadway idol is Sutton Foster

who I saw six times in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

James Earl Jones,


Sidney Poitier

Bernadette Peters.

Come on.

Vanessa Redgrave,

Liv Ullman.

She played Nora in A Doll's House with Sam Waterston.

Isabelle Huppert is an incredible actress.

Liza Minnelli


I mean, obviously Barbara Streisand.

For me, everyone knows my love for Barbara.

She's like my lifetime idol.

But I would say my...

I love Patti LuPone.

My Broadway idol was Patti LuPone.

Patti LuPone.

I'm a big fan of Lindsay Mendez.

I loved Patti LuPone so much

that when I was 12 years old

we had a talent show

and I sang Meadowlark from The Baker's wife,

and every 12 year old around me was like,

what the hell is this song?

And I was like, it's just very obscure

but it's pure musical theater. You guys

At The moment, it's Wendell Pierce


Oh, and Steven McKinley Henderson.


I just recently saw The Collaboration.

Jeremy Pope

Chuck Cooper,

he's been in the business for so many years.

So wise,

he gave me an insight on how to have longevity

in the business.

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